Review: Wicked Player by Stacey Lynn

The Cover: I have liked all the Rough Riders book covers but I think Wicked Player is my favorite! I love the black and purple colors, the font and I really think the model staring down the reader is very sexy and alluring. My only issue with this cover is that I wish I could see the rest of the cover model’s head. 

Basics: Wicked Player by Stacey Lynn was released on January 29th 2019, published by Stacey Lynn Books, is the third book in the Rough Riders series and is 273 pages long. Genre wise Wicked Player belongs to contemporary romance, sports romance, forbidden romance and erotica. 

Description: Gage Bryant has the best hands and the quickest feet of any wide receiver in football. He also has a secret—one he’ll do anything to protect.

He’s a member of The Velvet Club. With airtight non disclosure agreements, playing at Velvet gives him the freedom to assert his dominance and control in a way that not only serves him on the football field, but the way he craves in the bedroom. What he doesn’t expect is for his most recent partner to be one of the reporters assigned to follow him around in the weeks before he opens a new wing at the local children’s hospital.

When it’s clear Elizabeth Hayes has no idea he’s the man who had her blindfolded and bound beneath him, Gage realizes things just got a lot more interesting. He can have her body at night, giving her all the pleasure she begs for in a way he needs. And he can keep his heart, as well as his identity, out of their encounters. After all, the absolute worst thing that could happen would be to have this sexy little reporter reveal how wicked he truly is.
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Overall thoughts: I was so excited to see that the Rough Riders series by Stacey Lynn was continuing! I am not that big into sports romance books, especially football sports romance books but I gave the Rough Riders series a try and loved them! When I saw the cover for Wicked Player along with the blurb my interest increased greatly because the first two books Dirty Player and Filthy Player were straight up contemporary romances with some intensity but nothing along the lines of hardcore erotica or BDSM. So it delighted that Wicked Player was going to be a bit different. 

Stacey Lynn’s Luminous series (which you can find here: is focused heavily on erotica and BDSM and in my personal opinion are some of the best, well written erotic/BDSM books in the romance genre world. Wicked Player is a book that definitely belongs in the Luminous series because HOLY COW this book is HOT. Again in relation to the Rough Riders series, Wicked Player focuses on one of the famous football stars from the fictional NFL football team of the Rough Riders. Several team members have fallen already and are starting their happily ever afters, while elsewhere one of the teammates believes because of his status as a professional football player that he will be alone. 

That doesn’t he will be constantly alone however because Gage Bryant wide receiver of the Rough Riders frequents a BDSM club, the Velvet Club. He be as wicked as he wants at Velvet and have full confidentiality too; that is until he stumbles upon the beautiful and alluring reporter Elizabeth Hayes. The connection between them is more than sex and is special, they both realize this. Problem is Elizabeth has no idea who she’s playing with at Velvet and Gage is trying to find the constant need and want for a woman who could ruin his life at any second. 

Wicked Player was such a great read! I devoured this book within a day and there were so many aspects of it that I just loved! The forbidden romance features, the way Elizabeth and Gage connect with one another and overall just the story really held my attention. Another part of the book I really loved was that usually it takes some time for a couple to get together but Wicked Player has Gage and Elizabeth get together immediately. Usually something that annoys me, but in this instance I LOVED because of what was going on in the story (you have to Wicked Player to find out what I mean!)

I had a few minor issues with Wicked Player, small things that you might not mind but I did. I was a bit frustrated because I felt like when things started to really go well and the book was going great, it seemed to just…wrap up and end. I wish Elizabeth and Gage’s story was longer! I also didn’t like how literally this and that happened (no spoilers!) then everything seemed to get resolved quickly. I felt like you could blink and suddenly everything was fixed and the book ended. I didn’t like that at all! My issues aside I really loved Wicked Player and it will definitely be one of my top sport romance books of the year! 

Couple Chemistry Rating: 5/5 Shells
5 shells

My Rating: 5/5 Shells
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She lives off her daily pot of coffee, can only write with a bowlful of Skittles nearby, and has been in love with romance novels since before she could drive herself to the library. Stacey Lynn lives with her husband and children in North Carolina.

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