Hello and Welcome to Amorette Review’s! Amorette’s Reviews is run by Katy, a twenty something book lover, bibliophile, book blogger and reviewer! Amorette’s Reviews started on September 26th 2016 and has been up and running since! Growing up books were an escape for Katy and she grew to love stories, characters and fictional worlds. So much so that reading and loving books became a small obsession for her.

Reviewing Books wasn’t something Katy planned on doing, but she started it on a whim and fell head over heels for the book blogging community once Amorette’s Reviews was created. She loves reading, reviewing and promoting wonderful stories and characters. It as an absolute joy to be able to review, support and promote authors and their books and she hopes to work with many in the future!

Katy loves many genres in the book world, but her favorite and main focus is the Romance/Contemporary Romance, Adult, Young Adult and Fantasy genres. The book blogging community has been one of the best experiences for Katy and she hopes to continue and be active in this community. Thank you for supporting Amorette’s Reviews, whether it’s liking, commenting or sharing a review it means the absolute world!

See you in the next book!

Katy // Amorette’s Reviews