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Review: Overall Review of January Books 2018

Can you freaking BELIEVE that January is basically over? Like….already? It’s over! I mean doesn’t it feel like January 7th or something? Where did the time go? To be honest I didn’t read as much as I wanted to this month but the books I did read were pretty good! 
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I had the opportunity to read and review three ARC’S this month. All three books were very different and I enjoyed all of them. First up was Prince Charming by CD Reiss, a book about an FBI agent falling in love with a hacker and it was the surprise book of the month for me.  There is something about couples that aren’t supposed to be together, that forbidden aspect of their relationship is very attractive to me and spices up the story and makes me want to keep reading till I finish the book. I high recommend Prince Charming by CD Reiss and if you aren’t sold on it yet, please check out my review with all the buy links here <—

My second ARC of January was Fake Wife by Stacey Lynn. There are tons of tropes in the romance book world and being in a fake relationship/marriage but eventually falling for each other is a huge one for the romance book world. When it’s done right and written well it works, but not always and I adore Stacey Lynn but I was worried Fake Wife wouldn’t deliver. But I was wrong and Fake Wife was well written with some pleasant surprises and I thought it was great read. If you’re interested in reading and buying Fake Wife, please check out my review with all the buy links here <—


My third ARC for January was Midnight Blue by LJ Shen. She is one of the best writers in the romance book world hands down, but man do her male characters drive me up the dang wall! BUT LJ Shen is a master storyteller and I was able to get over my annoyance with Alex freaking Winslow. Midnight Blue is a story about an ordinary girl dealing with a life long tragedy hired to deal with the hot mess rocker that is Alex Winslow. What could go wrong and what could go right? Check out my review and the buy links for Midnight Blue here <—- 

And as to other books I’ve been reading this month? To be honest I’ve been doing a lot of re-reading of books I’ve read before! I’m currently re-reading A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas so I can properly write reviews for them. I’ve also been been re-reading Priest by Sierra Simone since the the sequel Sinner will be out in March. But the one book that was new that came out this month that I want to talk about is Fire In His Fury by Ruby Dixon. 
Let’s talk about dragons shall we? First of all, I don’t know about you but I all about paranormal, sci-fi and especially post apocalyptic books, add romance to those genres and I am SOLD. Ruby Dixon is the QUEEN of everything sci-fi, she stole my heart with Ice Planet Barbarians series but she completely owned my heart when she came out with a series about DRAGONS. I am a huge nerd, I love fiction and fantasy and her Fireblood Dragon romance books just blow me away. There are four books total in the series so far and Fire in His Fury just came out a few weeks ago. I loved it of course and honestly I wish Ruby Dixon would ditch the Barbarians and just focus on her dragons I am that hooked! Anyway, I haven’t written reviews on this series but I might soon! Here is a blurb for the first book and the link to Ruby’s website! 

Fire In His Blood: Years ago, the skies ripped open and the world was destroyed in fire and ash. Dragons – once creatures of legend – are the enemy. Vicious and unpredictable, they rule the skies of the ruined cities, forcing humanity to huddle behind barricades for safety.

Claudia’s a survivor. She scrapes by as best as she can in a hard, dangerous world. When she runs afoul of the law, she’s left as bait in dragon territory. She only has one chance to survive – to somehow ‘tame’ a dragon and get it to obey her.

Except the dragon that finds her is as wild and brutal as any other…and he’s not interested in obeying. What he is interested in is a mate.

That’s all I have for January folks! I’m hoping to read and review more in February and to also post some reviews of my favorite re-reads and of course some Kindle Unlimited books! I hope you enjoyed this review and you should definitely check out these books!  Thanks for reading! 🙂


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