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How To Relax with Reading!

1Hello friends! Happy Weekend and Happy Saturday! So I wanted to write a blog post talking about how several things: the main focus on reading routines and how to relax before or while you’re reading but I also wanted to discuss the importance of self care and taking a break. I’m very open about this and I’ve discussed it before on my blog but I have suffered from anxiety and depression my entire life and five years ago I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD.) I lost my Dad at twenty years old in August 2017 and I have struggled with balancing my mental heath issues ever since. Most days I am fine and then there are others that completely just knock the life out of me. I don’t want to move, I don’t want to do anything and it’s just a horrible, horrible thing to deal with on a daily basis…mental illness. 

Although I have to live with these struggles every day, I know the good days outweigh the bad and like I have for all my life, I will continue to fight against the bad days. One of the things I do when I’m having a bad day is read! So I got to thinking and came up with this blog post! I thought it would be fun to ask other readers what their reading routines and rituals were and what they did to relax before they sat down to read. In this blog post I’m going to share my relaxing reading routine along with other readers! After you read this post I hope you take some of these suggestions and tips to heart and take some time out to relax and exercise some self care for yourself! Enjoy! Xo! 

2.jpgMy ideal reading routine would be somewhere quiet, either on my bed or a big comfy chair but DEFINITELY somewhere quiet. I wish I could be one of those people who could read anywhere especially with noise, but I am not. Before I settle in I usually pick several of my favorite essential oils and pop them in the diffuser! I use Young Living Essential oils and my favorites are peace and calming, joy and orange! Those scents calm me and just make me feel immediately relaxed. Once I am settled I love cuddling up with blankets and I LOVE blankets especially big, fuzzy ones! And cozy socks are a must too! Usually I have a small stack of books next to me (even if I’m reading from my kindle) and I have some sort of stone nearby. My go to feel good stones are Opal and Himalayan salt. Then I start reading! 

That’s my reading routine and I want to hear yours! Your habits, tips or suggestions! Please comment and tell me your thoughts! Below are other reading routines and rituals from fellow readers and bloggers, each username is tagged so you could follow them on twitter! Enjoy! 

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Get comfy on the sofa or bed (usually the bed), turn off the tv, play some instrumental music (for a few minutes only! I like the background noise), then I’m ready to not get up EVER lol –  

I read at bedtime, so I take a bath (always with lavender body wash to relax), put on comfy pajamas, and crawl into my cozy bed. Then I’m ready to read all night.  

I like the quiet, turn off the tv, grab a cup of coffee and cover up with a blanket 

Definitely a blanket, drink and snack also my baby monitor!  

Blankets blankets blankets! @Cat_book_tea 

Definitely a blanket.. settle down in my recliner and put my feet up.. and probably will have some old favorite tv show on because I don’t like Silence.. 

Run a bath – a nice hot one and soak for a couple of hours while reading 🙂  

I make sure I have everything I need to sit for a while: a nice blanket, a comfy pillow, something to drink nearby. 🙂  

Cushions and a nice cuppa does it for me x – 

Beverage: hot or cold depending on weather/time/mood Pillows &/or blankets = snuggly pup Front door locked. I’m not home, as far as you know. Electronics on DND Pee. (me & the snuggly pup) Not getting up in 5 minutes, thanks.  

Cushions, tea/coffee, snack, phone within reach (so I don’t have to get up) – or better still, switched off. This scenario is perfected when the cat turns up to sit on me, which she invariably does thirty seconds before I have to move. 

A nice tasty drink and a comfy seat. –

I can read anywhere, no matter the noise, location tv on or kids running around. Writing is a totally different animal since people and noise are a major inconvenience. – 

Take off my shoes, grab a blanket and a snack, and shut the bedroom door so the cat can’t come in and sit on my book. –

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3 thoughts on “How To Relax with Reading!

  1. Books and blankets – a perfect combination! This is a lovely post and great to think about how to infuse a little more relaxation into our reading routines. As well as blankets and bubble baths, I sometimes like to take a book to a cafe somewhere and treat myself to some tea and cake. It doesn’t always meet the criteria of being quiet but I get a little walk and a change of scenery, which is sometimes just what I need.

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