Review: Rush by Brooke Paige

The Cover: I love the cover for Rush! Covers that feature the couple from the book make me very happy because personally I think they are kinda rare and this cover is gorgeous. It fits Vance and Lauren perfectly and embodies Rush perfectly.  

Basics: Rush was released on September 25th 2018 and is 286 pages long. Genre wise Rush belongs to contemporary romance, mafia/crime and suspense. 

Description: Bait. That’s all she is. Nothing more. Nothing else.And that’s why she’s wanted, and in danger.

Lauren Owens is so much more. She’s everything. Falling for her was never my intention. But, I couldn’t resist, her charm, her vulnerability, her spirit and drive, and her unimaginable innocence.

And that’s exactly why my father wants her, for his own gain. Now, it’s up to me to take him down, stop him once and for all, protecting her every step of the way. Saving her would mean only one thing: I won’t get to love her.
TEASER 6.png
Overall thoughts: What a crazy whirlwind Rush was! Oh my goodness! I was completely floored by this book and Brooke Paige blew me away! I wasn’t sure what I was getting into when I first started reading Rush because I’m not that big of a fan of mafia/crime type romances but I couldn’t put it down! From start to finish! My only issue with Rush was the fact that it ended on a cliff hanger!! 

Vance is out to avenge his mother and unfortunately for him, that means working with his father, the reason he needs to avenge his mother in the first place. Lauren is just trying to figure out how to get her life together and when you need to figure out your life, going to the beach is one of the best solutions. But Vance and Lauren meet at the right time but the wrong place; Vance is trying to take his Father down and keep Lauren out of it. But when his Father takes a sudden interest in Lauren, things come crashing down and Vance is left scrambling to figure out a plan to save her. Literally. 

This was my first Brooke Paige book and I definitely hooked on The Riptide series and Brooke Paige. I can’t wait for the next book! 

Couple Chemistry Rating: 5/5 Shells
5 shells

Rush teaser #1.png
My Rating: 5/5 Shells
5 shells

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About the Author: Brooke Page is a contemporary romance author who loves writing romantic suspense novels that will lead her readers through twists and turns with each page. She wants her readers to feel like they are a part of the thrill, making their hearts race from not only passion but also the intensity of the story. Brooke has a craft for weaving steam and mystery, giving her readers a story they won’t want to put down.

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