Review: His Distraction by Tanya Gallagher

The Cover: I think the cover of His Distraction is very attractive and eye catching, however I feel like the whole ab/chest shot picture of models is taking over covers lately. I wish there was a more representation of Jeremy  and not just a picture of his abs. 

Basics: His Distraction was released on July 9th and is 320 pages long.  Genre wise His Distraction belongs to contemporary romance and new adult. 

Description: He wants to save the world one vibrator at a time. She’d rather feed the homeless.

Jeremy Glass, CEO of Seattle’s hottest sex toy company, has a fantastic life: he’s single, rich, and has a parade of “product testers” to help him warm his sheets at night. He’s about to land the deal of a lifetime and finally prove that his untraditional business is more than valid. The only problem is he just fired the one woman his client insists handle their account. He knows if he hires her back, Vanessa Reese will be a distraction—after all, she’s gorgeous, sweet, and witty. Jeremy knows better than to mix business and pleasure, but he suddenly finds himself chasing after a woman for a change, and this one’s determined to keep him on his toes.

When Jeremy asks Vanessa to come back to X Enterprises, she isn’t interested in what he has to offer—not his pretty face and sculpted body, and certainly not his arrogant attitude—until Jeremy makes her a deal: spend ten weeks in his employment, and then he’ll help her land the social work job she really wants. When Vanessa agrees, she finds herself plunged into a world of sin and indulgence she never imagined. Despite the attraction between herself and Jeremy, Vanessa is determined not to give in and hand over her dignity and her chance at a steady paycheck. Probably. Because the more time she spends with Jeremy, the more she uncovers the kind, charming man hidden under his cocky exterior. 

Can a sex toy CEO and a bleeding heart ever find love, or will their connection destroy everything they’ve worked for?

Overall thoughts: His Distraction is one of my favorite romance tropes, the cat and mouse game. Jeremy Glass is the CEO of successful Seattle’s hottest sex toy company; he’s rich, single and happy with the way his life is going…until Vanessa shows up. The woman he fired who he didn’t realize (for some super strange reason?) handles their money accounts. Yikes.

Vanessa clearly wants nothing to do with the man, but he offers something she can’t refuse. These two end up tangled up in a dance together whether they want to or not. Vanessa also has no idea the lifestyle Jeremy leaves, sure he may be the CEO of a sex toy company but not everything as it seems. She surely didn’t think she would find him to be kind and caring, especially under all that sex toy CEO, bossy exterior. They both start to realize they are falling for each other and unplanned love brings its own set of problems. 

His Distraction is a good contemporary romance book with just enough dirty to spice it up for readers who want something more than a vanilla type of story.  Definitely worth a read if you like two unlikely people falling for one another. 

Couple Chemistry Rating: 5/5 Shells 
5 shells

Favorite Quotes: “I’ll give you every piece of me you want.” Trust me, you’re gonna want a piece of Jeremy Glass.”

My Rating: 5/5 Shells
5 shells

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About the Author: Tanya Gallagher is the Seattle-based author of contemporary New Adult and Adult romances about smart, strong women and the sexy men who love them. In addition to A Slippery Slope, the X Enterprises series of steamy, funny contemporary romances launches in July 2018. Tanya traded pencil skirts in the boardroom for stories in the bedroom and hasn’t looked back since. You can find her traveling the world in search of beautiful scenery and delicious cake, and at, where she happens to sell one of the most popular brands of personal lubricant for your naughty bits. True story.

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