Review: Shadow Wings (The Darkest Drae series #2) by Kelly St. Clare & Raye Wagner

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The Cover: I love this cover! The details in it are so eye catching and so beautiful that I honestly just want to keep staring at it.

Basics: Shadow Wings was released on February 8th 2018 and is 383 pages. Genre Wise Shadow Wings belongs to Mature Young Adult, Fantasy and Romance.

Description: I will never be controlled again. A manipulative dragon shifter. A sexy phaetyn prince. Me? I shouldn’t even exist.  

With peace established in Verald, I should be free; Lord Tyrrik is liberated from his blood oath, after all. But the freedom in Verald is an illusion. If I remain, destruction will surely follow.

As soon as I come into my powers, the blood-thirsty emperor of Draecon will know. Even now, he is hunting me.

When a Phaetyn prince arrives promising safety, the solution seems perfect. A little too perfect. But is the objective of our group security or something more? Because everyone is telling me what my goals should be.

Who do you trust when everyone has lied to you?
Should I listen with my head – or my heart?
I might not get a choice.
raye.pngOverall thoughts: Please do not continue reading unless you’ve read Blood Oath before continuing with this review, minor spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned!!

At the end of Blood Oath we left Ryn in a bit of a difficult situation. She was still dealing with the aftermath of being in the castle and dealing with Irrik’s betrayal and lies. It’s a bit of whirlwind when you find out that someone you deeply love not only lied and concealed themselves from you but was also the main reason your home and a lot of the people you lived were destroyed. Oh and she also found out she’s part dragon on top of everything so that’s a problem. 

I really admire Ryn’s tenacity in Shadow Wings because she is one heck of a woman. She’s been kidnapped, abused, tortured, lied to and betrayed, yet she is just determined to keep moving forward. She sets out with Dyter and Tyrrick on a mission for safety but finds something herself pulled back into the mess of her country instead. Not only does she have all that on her plate, she and Tyrrick still have a lot to talk about and it doesn’t look like he’s going to give up on her anytime soon. 

Shadow Wings expands on the amazing story that Blood Oath started and makes me crave even more books in the Darkest Drae series! I am so excited to see what happens next!  

Couple Chemistry Rating: 5/5 Shells
5 shellsShadow Wings.jpgMy Rating: 5/5 Shells
5 shells

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About the Authors: 
Kelly St. Clare: 
Books have always been magical and mysterious to her. One day she decided to start unraveling this mystery and began writing. Her works include The Tainted AccordsThe After Trilogy, and The Darkest Drae. A New Zealander in origin and in heart, Kelly currently resides in Australia with her ginger-bearded husband, a great group of friends, and some huntsman spiders who love to come inside when it rains. Their love is not returned.

Follow Kelly: Website / Twitter 

Raye Wagner:
 As one of eight children, I learned to love reading as a means of escaping the chaos that comes with being a part of a large family. When I was a teenager, I read Leon Uris’s Exodus, and fell in love with the character, Kitty Fremont. Not only was I in love with Ari Ben Canaan (my first introduction to an alpha male), but I felt a connection with her, so much so that I pursued a career in nursing. I continued to collect books and read through college, and even as I established my career. Years later, I read the Twilight saga, my first introduction to YA literature as an adult. I was in Half-Price Books and picked up a middle-grade novel with a boy and a lightning bolt on the cover. I read the first page, and bought the first four Percy Jackson books. Isn’t this series fantastic? After that I was hooked, and YA literature became my genre of choice.

I live in Middle Tennessee with my husband and three children. My favorite things include trips to the beach, baking sweets (and eating them), Tae Kwon Do, and doing puzzles and Legos with my family.

Follow Raye: Website / Twitterkaty

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