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ARC Review & Release Blitz: This Time Around by Stacey Lynn

The Cover: I love this cover! I think it’s romantic, sensual and very intimate. I also love that a couple is featured instead of just one person and I think it is perfect for Cooper and Rebecca, A+. 

Basics: This Time Around was released on April 10th 2018, published by Stacey Lynn Books and is 336 pages long. Genre wise This Time Around belongs to contemporary romance. 

Description: Cooper Hawke was everything I didn’t need. Rich and famous, and a high-profile actor, he lived a life of luxury while my life had always been much more simple.

Yet when he showed up at my cattle ranch in Kansas, he gave me everything I didn’t think I wanted again.

His marriage was over and he was lost. I was still barely surviving in my grief after my husband’s sudden death.

As hard as I tried to keep him out, he slipped past my defenses, and slowly, a connection grew between us I could no longer deny.

But this time around, we were on borrowed time. Because Cooper still had his real life waiting for him back in Hollywood.

Overall thoughts: This Time Around was such an emotional, loving read! My heart completely fell apart for Cooper and Rebecca and what they were going through! Rebecca lost her husband and Cooper is dealing with an ugly divorce and the reality that his relationship wasn’t real. These two needed each other and that is exactly what Stacey Lynn did. 

Cooper needs to escape his cheating wife, their numbing divorce and the pressures of Hollywood and his agent has the perfect escape. Staying the summer at a cattle ranch in Kansas. Rebecca is just trying to live day by day, hour by hour taking care of the ranch and animals. Keeping busy however isn’t stopping her from grieving her husband or healing the sadness and hurt she is feeling, until Cooper comes along anyway. 

Cooper and Rebecca really touched my heart because they’ve been both dealt with terrible situations and you just want the best for them, even just reading about them I immediately wanted their situations fixed. Stacey Lynn does a fantastic job of doing that with her readers, you feel so close to her characters that they feel real to you. I really loved reading about their story and honestly how love can blossom even in the most desolate, darkened places. This Time Around is a good feel romance that will warm and touch your heart, a book that should be read when someone feels like things aren’t going well. This book is just a reminder maybe that what you’re going through isn’t forever and maybe the next time around things will work out.
This Time Around.jpgCouple Chemistry Rating: 5/5 Shells
5 shells
Favorite Quotes: “Did making so many movies in Hollywood teach you how to kiss so well?” “No. The girls in Buffalo did.” -Rebecca and Cooper

“It’s us. Moving on with life.” “And this time around, I had no doubt it was going to surpass all the dreams either of us ever had.” -Rebecca and Cooper

My Rating: 5/5 Shells
5 shells
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About the Author: Stacey Lynn currently lives in Minnesota with her husband and four children. When she’s not conquering mountains of laundry and fighting a war against dust bunnies and cracker crumbs, you can find her playing with her children, curled up on the couch with a good book, or on the boat with her family enjoying Minnesota’s beautiful, yet too short, summer.

She lives off her daily pot of coffee, can only write with a bowlful of Skittles nearby, and has been in love with romance novels since before she could drive herself to the library.

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Twitter: @staceylynnbooks
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ARC Review & Release Blitz: Love Rerouted by Leddy Harper

love re.png
The Cover: I love the cover and it’s overall vibe and color scheme! Everything blends together and the entire aesthetic of it is very pleasing. I also like how their is a couple on the cover instead of just one model, it’s a nice change and I think they look very good together, perfect for Maggie and Talon. A+

Basics: Getaway Car was released on April 4th 2018 and genre wise belongs to contemporary romance. 

Description: I needed to get out of town but didn’t have a car.
He had nowhere to go and offered to drive.
Forty-eight hours was all we were given.
A lifetime wouldn’t have been enough.

She had something of mine.
And I was determined to get it back.
I thought it was just my getaway car she’d stolen.
I had no idea she’d captured my heart as well.

Overall thoughts:
Before I dive into my thoughts, I wanted to first discuss Leddy Harper. I am a huge fan of her and here is the great thing about her: she will break your heart then piece it back together again…all in one book! To me that’s an important aspect that every author should have in some shape or form, to make the reader feel something. With Harper it’s not just romance or attraction, she puts true emotion into her writing and characters and I just love it. 

Getaway Car is a story about two people running from things but falling hard for each other. Maggie is an eighteen year old trying to escape a bad situation and Talon is also running from a bad situation, put these two together and you have one complicated, messy attraction and love story. They only had a few days together but they both made huge impacts on each other’s lives which is another trope of romance books I love so much, time skips and jumps. I do find that when people are apart yet they can only think about is one person very romantic. 

The romance and the relationship between Maggie and Talon was great but my absolute favorite part of Getaway Car was the constant suspense and guessing game of the twists and turns throughout the plot! I couldn’t put it down! With the magnetic chemistry of the couple and my curiousness I devoured Getaway Car very quickly! No spoilers but once you pick up this book and start reading you won’t be able to stop because you won’t be able to put the book down! Getaway Car was a fantastic read and will be on my list of my favorite 2018 reads! 

Couple Chemistry Rating: 5/5 Shells
5 shells

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Favorite Quotes: “Don’t worry I got you.” -Talon

“Needless to say, Hope was a hateful, lying bitch.” -Talon

“He was hot. Sexy as hell. His voice was enough to melt panties and spread legs.” -Maggie

“Why me, sweetheart?”
“I wish I had  an answer for you, unfortunately I don’t.”
“Then make something up…”
“Because you smell good.” -Maggie & Talon

My Rating: 5/5 Shells
5 shells

TheGetawayCar_Teaser6About the Author: Leddy Harper had to use her imagination often as a child. She grew up the only girl in a house full of boys. At the age of fourteen, she decided to use that imagination and wrote her first book, and never stopped.

She often calls writing her therapy, using it as a way to deal with issues through the eyes of her characters. She is now a mother of three girls, leaving her husband as the only man in a house full of females.

The decision to publish her first book was made as a way of showing her children to go after whatever it is they want to. Love what you do and do it well. Most importantly Leddy wanted to teach them what it means to overcome their fears.

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Review: Blood Oath by Raye Wagner & Kelly St. Clare

blood oath.jpgThe Cover:  I love this cover! It’s very eye catching and beautiful; the fantasy details in are gorgeous and honestly it’s so beautiful I immediately want it on my bookshelf. A+

Basics: Blood Oath was released on November 9th 2017 and is 324 pages long. Genre wise Blood Oath belongs to Mature Young Adult, Fantasy and Romance.

Description: Everything I know is a lie.
I’m an ordinary mortal girl. Lord Irrik is a depraved dragon shifter. King Irdelron is an immortal tyrant. In the disease ridden land of Verald, life is mapped out much like the established rings of our kingdom. Everyone has a role…
Me? I’ll be uselessly serving potato stew for the rest of my life because I can’t make anything grow. But starvation brews rebellion.
When the king strikes, I’m captured by Lord Irrik. Instantly, I’m embroiled in a deadly game. One where I’m desperate to understand the rules. Because nothing makes sense anymore. Now, I’m not only fighting for my life . . . but a love that could be the key to my freedom. What if the truth means you’re not who — or what — you thought you were?
Blood Oath.jpg
Overall thoughts: I found Blood Oath on Kindle Unlimited and I was drawn to it because I’ve been on a Fantasy and Young Adult kick lately. I read the synopsis and as soon as I saw dragons I immediately picked it as one of my top ten kindle unlimited books and was completely blown away! Blood Oath is well written, the plot draws you in and makes you want to continue reading from start to finish. 

Ryn is the heroine of Blood Oath and I adore her. She is funny, stubborn, determined, sassy combined with great sense of humor and she is an amazing character. She gets caught up in a quite mess and finds herself in a horrible situation but she keeps going anyway; which I think many would find inspiring myself included, because honestly with the way the world is right now, it’s nice to be able to read about a character who keeps rallying forward through terrible circumstances. 

Irrik is a very mysterious fellow who has this attractive, bad boy look going on with a ‘I’m not telling you anything’ kind of vibe. No spoilers but I found Irrik very interesting and super, SUPER frustrating by the end of the book but I love him all the same. He and Ryn have a very strange, dynamic and charging relationship that I enjoyed reading about. 

Overall Blood Oath kept me on my toes, curious and craving for more! I devoured this book within a day and immediately got the second book, Shadow Wings on my kindle right away! My review for the second book in The Darkest Drae series will be up soon! 

Couple Chemistry Rating: 5/5 Shells
5 shellsBO3.pngMy Rating: 5/5 Shells
5 shells

**Blood Oath & the entire Darkest Drae series is available on Kindle Unlimited**
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About the Authors: Kelly St. Clare: Books have always been magical and mysterious to her. One day she decided to start unraveling this mystery and began writing. Her works include The Tainted AccordsThe After Trilogy, and The Darkest Drae. A New Zealander in origin and in heart, Kelly currently resides in Australia with her ginger-bearded husband, a great group of friends, and some huntsman spiders who love to come inside when it rains. Their love is not returned.
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Raye Wagner:
 As one of eight children, I learned to love reading as a means of escaping the chaos that comes with being a part of a large family. When I was a teenager, I read Leon Uris’s Exodus, and fell in love with the character, Kitty Fremont. Not only was I in love with Ari Ben Canaan (my first introduction to an alpha male), but I felt a connection with her, so much so that I pursued a career in nursing. I continued to collect books and read through college, and even as I established my career. Years later, I read the Twilight saga, my first introduction to YA literature as an adult. I was in Half-Price Books and picked up a middle-grade novel with a boy and a lightning bolt on the cover. I read the first page, and bought the first four Percy Jackson books. Isn’t this series fantastic? After that I was hooked, and YA literature became my genre of choice.

I live in Middle Tennessee with my husband and three children. My favorite things include trips to the beach, baking sweets (and eating them), Tae Kwon Do, and doing puzzles and Legos with my family.

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Release Blitz & Excerpt: Blackstone by J.D. Hollyfield

Blackstone1.jpgSynopsis: I am meticulous. Structured. A single father.
I obsess over things and crave control.
And when a hot, feisty little woman throws a wrench in my carefully laid out plans, I lose my mind.  
My every thought revolves around making her bend to my will—until they become less about her doing things my way and more about just her. 

My name is Trevor Blackstone.  I am an obsessive, complicated, demanding man. People may not understand me, but it doesn’t stop them from wanting me.
blackstone teaser 1.png
Excerpt: “You shouldn’t use those stairs,” I yell, startling her. She wobbles, grabbing for the banister, giving me another scare. The thing looks ready to fall off.

“Jesus, Numbers, you scared the piss outta me,” she yelps, glaring at me like she wants to rip my head off. And I don’t care, so long as she gets down those bunk stairs. That’s when she starts bouncing on each step.

“Don’t fucking do that. Those aren’t safe,” I snap back.

“Don’t do what, this?” She jumps again, slamming her feet back down on another step. My anger spikes. Is she out of her fucking mind? Can’t she see the stairs wobbling under her? She repeats the same gesture to the next two steps, giving me palpitations. The reoccurring effect has her falling through in less than seven more jumps. I glance over, noticing she’s only using one hand to hold onto the railing and has a bottle in her other.

“Are you drunk?” I ask, now worried about her state of mind. She won’t be able to catch herself if she falls.

“Super drunk actually. Thanks for asking. Now, mind your own business.” She makes it to the bottom of the stairs. Relief washes over me as I watch her walk onto the sand and dig her toes into the cool peddles of the sea. Then, she stumbles and trips. “Whoa! I’m okay!” she squeals, catching herself before she falls face-first into the sand.

I’m curious what she’s up to. Until my mind figures it out. “You can’t go in the water. It’s not safe at night.” I’m frozen, waiting for her to listen to me and turn back around. But she doesn’t.

“Yeah, yeah, I’ve seen you in it all week at night. Nice try.” She keeps walking. The tide has picked up the last couple days due to it being hurricane season. If I weren’t trained to handle the choppiness of the waves, I wouldn’t have been out there either.

“Yeah, and I know the water. You don’t. Stay out of there,” I demand. Why the fuck is she still walking? Christ, she’s wobbling down to the water. The farther she gets, the harder it is to see her. The half-crescent moon glows against the water, but it’s still so dark, I struggle to see anything but her silhouette. “Hey!” I yell, but this time, she doesn’t respond.

I drop the bar of soap and run through the sand on high alert, listening for any signs of struggle. What the hell is wrong with this girl? Unsynchronized splashing. I go to call her name, but realize I don’t even know it. Numbers, letters, and equations blast though my head at the chances I guess it right. It’s undefinable, due to the various coed names—

“Hey!” I yell toward where I last spotted her. My feet slam into the sand, hitting the lining of the ocean shore and—


I jump, losing my balance, and fall back into the cool ocean water.

“Holy shit! You should see your face!” She laughs. I wipe the water off my face as she stands above me, laughing, holding her chest. “Oh, man. For such a big guy, you sure do scare easily. I wish I record—”

Pushing to my feet, I tackle her, taking the last words right out of her mouth. She squeals as I bear hug her body to my chest and walk furiously with her in my tight hold into the cold water.

“Oh my God! Stop! It’s freezing!” She kicks back and forth, trying to fight her way out of my grip. “Ahhh! Stop, please stop! It’s fucking cold!” I don’t stop until we’re almost shoulder deep under. “Hold your breath.” Her eyes shine in the moonlight, a battle warring behind them. She realizes my next move and doesn’t know whether to yell or obey. My face remains stoic, serious, and she takes a deep breath as I sink us both beneath the water’s surface.

When I pop back up, she has her arms and legs wrapped around me, the struggle forgotten. Her hair is soaked, covering her face. I lift my hand to brush it off, giving me the pleasure of her eyes. Green. Wide. She knows I’m lost in the sight of her. She seems to be doing the same. Her firm tits press nicely against my chest, and she has to be dumb not to feel my hard cock, even in the cold temperature.

It’s then I remember I don’t have any shorts on. A few seconds pass before she comes to the same realization. “Are you naked?” she asks, her voice hoarse. I can’t help the urge I allow to happen. Using my hand straddling around her taut ass, I press her into me. Fuck, that felt good. “Yep, naked,” she whispers, her lids half closed. Her actions tease me, and I press into her again, gaining another reward. This time, her eyes shut and mouth parts. Hell knows what’s changed between earlier today and now, but my dick tells me I should keep going until she tells me to fuck off.

“You okay with this?” I bend, putting my lips on her bare shoulder, and suck on her skin, which is softer than I expected.

“I don’t like you, but I’m really horny and you’re hot, so yep, let’s do this.”
four fathers banner.png
Four Fathers Series by bestselling authors
J.D. Hollyfield, Dani René, K Webster, and Ker Dukey 
Four genres. 
Four bestselling authors. 
Four different stories. 
Four weeks in April.
One intense, sexy, thrilling ride from beginning to end!|
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Kingston by Dani René
Release Date: April 9th
Kingston: Erotic Romance


Pearson by K Webster
Release Date: April 16th
Genre: Taboo Romance


Wheeler by Ker Dukey
Release Date: April 23rd
Genre: Dark Supsense


JD Hollyfield Headshot (1).jpg
About the Author: J.D. Hollyfield is a creative designer by day and superhero by night. When she’s not cooking, event planning, or spending time with her family, she’s relaxing with her nose stuck in a book. With her love for romance, and her head full of book boyfriends, she was inspired to test her creative abilities and bring her own stories to life. Living in the Midwest, she’s currently at work on blowing the minds of readers, with the additions of her new books and series, along with her charm, humor and HEA’s.

J.D. Hollyfield dapples in all genres, from romantic comedy, contemporary romance, historical romance, paranormal romance, fantasy and erotica! Want to know more! Follow her on all platforms!

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